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Industrial Consulting

“M. Marco engineering” provides the service of industrial consulting together with required tests and physical feasibility of the idea before the beginning of the production process.

Development of Automation Systems

“M. Marco Engineering” has an experience of over 25 years in development of automation systems for production lines. Projects which were developed by the Company provide to every Company’s customer the best solution together with improvement and optimization of manufacturing processes.  

 To bring the best solution to life Company’s experts go through several stages:

  • Studying the product

  • Studying the current manufacturing processes

  • Characterization of the requirements

  • Preliminary Design and Concept (PDR)

  • Customer’s approval of the design (CDR)

  • Assembling and test run of the System at Company’s site

  • Installing of the system at Customer’s site

  • Run-up tests and fine tuning at Customer’s site

  • Warranty and Service  


Every Mechanical System is produced according to customer’s requirements. Characterizations, design and development are adjusted to requests and restrictions that Customer defined.

 The Company aims for finding innovative and original solutions together with consideration of maximum convenience to work and maintain the systems. Every System produced by the Company benefits with functional, effective and safe solutions.

 Design and Development Staff guide each project from the stage of idea to the stage of fully-working system at Customer’s site.

M. Marco Engineering” makes upgrades for existent systems.

To achieve the best solution Company’s experts go through several stages:

  • Studying the current working processes

  • Upgrade suggestions

  • Customer’s approval

  • Upgrade Installing

  • System check after the Upgrade

  • Warranty and Service

System Upgrade

“M. Marco Engineering” is a dynamic company that specialized in developing, designing and producing of an industrial automation systems and processes optimization upon the request of a customer.
The Company designs fully automatic machines, semi-automatic machines, parts design and production, upgrade of machines.






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Development of Automation Systems

solutions for industrial automation that improve productivity, increase quality level and reduce production costs.


Bending Machine
Out of line waffle cutting feeding system. Model 1.


In Line cutting feeding system
Out of line waffle cutting feeding system. Model 2.
Capacitor Machine
In Line feeding systems

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