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 “M. Marco Engineering” LTD.

  “M. Marco Engineering” is specialized in designing and construction of original machine systems upon the request of a customer (Tailor-Maid). Systems produced by “M. Marco engineering” provide the solutions to every requirement, request and need of a customer with an emphasis on effectiveness, safety and ergonomics. Company engineers use the edge of technology to bring the ideas of our customers to life.

There are three main spheres of interest:

Development of Automation Systems—“M. Marco engineering” designs solutions for industrial automation that improve productivity, increase quality level of a product and reduce production costs.

System Upgrade--“M. Marco engineering” is experienced in system upgrade and modifications.

Industrial Consulting—“M. Marco engineering” provides the service of industrial consulting together with required tests and physical feasibility of the idea before the beginning of the production process.


Company’s Headquarters is placed at Pardes Hanna-Karkur and provides the services all over the Country. The Company was established in 1991 by Mordechai Marco. Mordechai is a mechanical engineer with an experience of over 40 years in machine design, motion systems, automation systems, industrial automation and multi-disciplinary products.

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